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2112Ai 100YC

Maribor 2112Ai [Architectural Intelligence] is composed of several events and multidisciplinary discussions with leading architects, designers, artists, engineers, technologists and architectural schools which are part of the 100YC [100 Year City] Exhibition. The goal of the project is to outline a series of visionary projects that would transform post-industrial Maribor into a technologically oriented city of the future. Director of 2112Ai Tom Kovac explains, the goal is to discover possible patterns of global changes, complexity, risk and unpredictability, which question the sensitivity and logic of determining the effects on architecture, urban planning and life.


2112Ai (100YC) director and curator Tom Kovac and Fleur Watson are currently leading a group of international thinkers and educators investigating the future of the city of Maribor in Slovenia, which was named European Capital of Culture for 2012. As part of the city’s festivities, 2112Ai (100YC) will investigate and identify disruptive patterns of global change and envisage impacts on architecture, urbanism and life in the extreme future – demonstrating how new forms of practice are responding to external demands on architecture. A curated selection of the submitted master plan visions were presented within the Australian Pavilion at the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale in conjunction with a related exhibition in the Slovenian Pavilion.


The project was developed during the course of Architecure and Architectural Design III at the University of Bologna. The course was held by Prof. Alessio Erioli with tutors Tommaso Casucci, Filippo Nassetti and Alessandro Zomparelli. a3 course teaches and investigates computational design.


The team:

 • Chiara Colli
 • Salvatore Marino
 • Uberto Pignatti Morano
 • Giovanna Roncuzzi


 Filippo Nassetti


Rhinoceros + Grasshopper [ + Weaverbird + Geco ]
mesh modeling

system simulation > morphogenesis > mesh export

mesh editing

Autodesk Ecotect Analysis
solar analysis

Autodesk 3ds Max
rendering [ mental ray ]

Adobe Illustrator + Adobe Photoshop


Processing sketch available here.

GH binary to extract the trails: here.

Processing libraries needed:

 • toxiclibs
 • Plethora
 • controlP5
 • peasyCam